What is a Field Service Management software?

Field Service Management software helps service companies run, improve and grow their operations. General features include management of work orders, invoices, resources, and scheduling. Like any software, there are many bell and whistles to choose from but generally speaking those are the top areas.

What do you gain?

  • Improved communication with techs
  • Simplified processes¬†
  • Work order and task updates in real-time
  • Reporting bottom line metrics
  • Time-tracking and team member accountability
  • Scheduling and dispatching improvements
  • Reduce duplicate effort

These systems are now expected to be accessible on any device including mobile phone, tablet, desktop and in some feature areas smart devices like phones or even TV displays. Changing over to a brand new tool or systems like "technology" versus the old school pen and paper can be daunting. Quite frankly transitioning a service company thats been operating in traditional methods to the digital era can be challenging. Not only do you have to convince your techs on using the software but you also have to solve the question of "what happens to all my company information"? The good news is, this transitional phase is expected by field service software companies. Utilizing help features while in the application can help walk your techs through the software without needing a real person to sit with them every day. This method has proven to be a working solution time and time agin. 

As for getting historical information into a new system, this concern has been solved as well. There are many services available that can scan paper documents and convert them into a digital asset. Systems can then pull information from the scans such as customer name, ID, invoice data, and just about anything else you can put through the scanner. There are so many benefits from implementing a field service management software. Not only do you improve the daily operations of your company but you also improve the customer experience which will increase the likely hodd of gaining repeat business. If your ready to get going or want a more indepth conversation the team at FieldXL can get you moving in the right direction.