What is the cost of a field service management system?

If you are looking to implement a field service management system be sure to do your research. We've all been conditioned to first ask "how much does it cost", but the bigger question to ask "what is the value"? There are many software out there that can do many things. You've got to identify what is the specific thing you need to improve. Why? Because if you just buy a random application you're likely going to buy something that has either way too many features or not enough thus you'll get zero value out of any of it. Here are a few baseline prices for single feature applications followed by a baseline for an all in one application. 

  • Work order management - $25 to $100 per month 
  • Scheduling and dispatching - $99 to $249+ per month
  • Invoicing - $5 to $100 per month 
  • CRM - Free to $250 per month
  • Asset management - $60 to $600+ per month

Ok, so now that you have a general idea of one-off solutions there is another option. You should also consider an all in one option. Applications like FieldXL have work order, assets, multi-locations, reports and the list goes on. These type systems are great because it keeps you from having to integrate into all the one-off solutions, you typically end up paying less, and you don't have to train your team on using multiple systems. The cost for these systems may start at $150 and go up to several thousand dollars per year. Again, depending on your size and needs that will help dictate where you fall on the scale.